Te Whaea Customised Cultural Competency Workshop

Client: Te Whaea National Dance and Drama Centre
Services: Cultural Competency Training 
Year: 2022
Brief: Design and deliver a customised ‘Introduction to Te Ao Māori’ cultural competency training module for Te Whaea staff.
Contributors:  Project Lead – William Stewart.

Te Whaea National Dance and Drama Centre wanted to cultivate a culture of understanding and respect of kaupapa Māori among their staff to facilitate better experiences between themselves and their tangata whenua stakeholders. After initial conversations with Te Whaea executive management, our mission was clear: empower Te Whaea staff with a foundational appreciation and knowledge of Te Ao Māori.

Drawing upon our expertise in corporate cultural development, we designed and delivered a customised, interactive and board-based ‘Introduction to Te Ao Māori’ training module. Our approach embraced the essence of Te Ao Māori, providing staff with the mātauranga and tools to help navigate the rich tapestry of Māori culture and understand its significance within their professional environment.

Through engaging and interactive sessions, we fostered a safe and inclusive space for staff to explore Māori origins, worldview, values, protocols, language, customs and increase their understanding of the relavence of Te Tiriti o Waitangi to the work they do. Our training module went beyond surface-level understanding, empowering Te Whaea staff to embrace cultural diversity and integrate kaupapa Māori principles into their everyday interactions and practices.

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