Mō Mātou

About Us

Whakakitenga | Vision

Ki te Whaiao, Ki Te Ao Mārama. Tihei Mauriora!

Our clients, their brands and their people are thriving with the vitality of life in a world of complete clarity.

Whakatakanga | Mission

He Arawhata Whakatere Kaupapa, Whakapiri Tangata!


Be the bridge that traverses chasms of understanding to bring kaupapa – and people – together.

Uara | Values

Whaia Te Tika Me Te Pono

Demonstrate integrity and honesty in all we do

Whaia Te Ara Kairangi

Relentlessly pursue excellence for ourselves and our clients

Whaia Te Tika Me Te Pono

Push the boundaries of innovation and creativity to reach new heights.

Tā Mātau Tukanga

Our Process

Inspired by Te Orokohanga – the Māori creation narrative – our unique kaupapa Māori based project framework guides the evolution and advancement of every project we undertake.

Te Kore


According to the Māori creation narrative, before there was anything there was Te Kore – the great nothingness.  In the context of the way we approach our work, the Te Kore phase presents an opportunity for us to set the foundations for a project. It’s a time for us to gain a deeper understanding of things like the goals of the project and who the key stakeholders are. We’ll then massage this information into a preliminary project plan to set our course for the rest of the work.

Te Pō


From Te Kore emerged Te Pō –  the state of enduring darkness. Te Pō is a time to define the situation and challenge: to wānanga, to discuss, to research and to collectively explore what could be possible. In the Te Pō phase of the project, we’ll focus on undertaking research and gathering relevant information to ensure the project is informed by a robust evidence base and knowledge bank.

Te Whaiao


From Te Pō emerged Te Whaiao –  the glimpse of light and the first realisation of potential. With a sound evidence base now at our disposal, we dedicate the Te Whaiao phase to developing our solution and working towards the final outcome.

Te Ao Marama


From Te Whaiao emerged Te Ao Mārama  – the world of light and understanding. Te Ao Marama is the final phase in our process and where project outputs are delivered to the client.


Like the humble kumara, we try not to speak too much about our sweetness, but here’s a few reasons why Mauriora is the obvious choice for your next project.

As a potential client, you want to know that the consultancy you choose has a proven track record of success. We have over a decade’s experience of delighting our clients with our ability to deliver  outcomes that exceed expectations.

Enjoy the efficiency and seamless co-ordination of our one-stop-shop strategic marketing, communication and engagement service offering. You bring your problem to us, and we’ll deliver a masterfully integrated solution from within our own whare!

With our foundations set deeply in Te Ao Māori, we have the cultural expertise to support your organisation to confidently engage and build productive relationships with tangata whenua. 

In a time where competition for people’s attention is fierce, we realise creativity is key. We’ve banned boring and omitted ordinary to give you the best chance of cut-through.

Our ability to act swiftly to changing needs and circumstances will help you stay ahead of the curve. If you’re looking for an agile agency that can pivot quickly and adjust strategies accordingly, look no further than Mauriora.

We’re really proud of our extensive track record of delivering engagement, marketing and communication solutions custom-tailored to the needs of the public sector. We’re inherently familiar with the machinery of Government and have the experience and expertise to navigate through the unique hurdles that present when working in this space. 

Heoi anō, That’s Enough about us!
To be honest, we’re more interested in hearing about your kaupapa and how we can help…