EBOP Road Safety Facebook Animation Campaign

Client: Eastern Bay Road Safety Programme
Services: Strategic Communication, Behaviour Change Campaign
Year: 2016 
Brief: Develop and execute a road safety behaviour change campaign targeting three specific regional risk areas: young drivers, Māori and rural road users.
Contributors:  Project Lead – William Stewart; Digital Animation – Anaru Ranapia;  Creative  – Frances Maia.

We had the privilege of collaborating with the Eastern Bay Road Safety Programme again in 2016 to develop and execute a behavior change campaign targeting high-risk audiences: young drivers aged 16-24, Māori, and rural road users. Building on the success of our previous ‘Don’t Jimi That’ campaign, we set out on a new journey to engage Eastern Bay communities and create lasting impact.

Understanding the need for localised messaging, we conducted extensive qualitative research through focus groups and interviews to uncover the language, interests, and motivations of our target audiences. Armed with these insights, we crafted a series of edgy and humourous animated videos, each addressing specific risky driving practices prevalent among the target groups, such as speed, distracted driving and drink-driving. To breathe life into our vision, we engaged esteemed local animator and digital artist, Anaru Ranapia, to produce the animated videos.

While the campaign didn’t achieve the phenomenal national or global reach as its predecessor, its impact within the Eastern Bay community was undeniable. Engagement from within the client’s region of responsibility soared as locals rushed to the comments section to acknowledge the strong local flavour and nuances presented in each of the videos. By tailoring our approach to resonate with the Eastern Bay audience, we fostered a sense of ownership and responsibility, paving the way for safer roads and stronger communities.

See the videos here:

Don’t Be Like Flash
Don’t Be Like Red
Don’t Be Like Caz
Don’t Be Like Dre