ITPP Cultural Branding Solution

Client: Miles Partnership
Services: Cultural Branding, Cultural Tourism Development
Year: 2023
Brief: Develop a culturally rich and visually impactful cultural branding solution for the International Tourism Partnership Program,  founded on rich and authentic Māori culture, and common values shared by indigenous communities globally.
Contributors:  Project Lead – William Stewart; Mātanga Toi Māori – Katera Maihi; Graphic Design – Mike Dunn.

In collaboration with Miles Partnership, a global leader in sustainable tourism development, we undertook the task of creating a cultural branding solution for the International Tourism Partnership Program. This trailblazing initiative aimed to enhance engagement between Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs), government, industry partners, and indigenous tribal groups across Aotearoa – New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the USA.

Our objective was clear: design a distinctive cultural branding solution that would embody the program’s strong foundation while fostering unity among the four participating indigenous cultures. Our client desired a visually impactful brand treatment rooted in authentic Māori narratives and design elements, reflecting the program’s origins in Aotearoa, while also having strong points of connection and commonality to all indigenous peoples.

To achieve this, we assembled a talented team comprising well-respected Māori art expert Katera Maihi and talented Graphic Designer Mike Dunn. This collaboration resulted in a seamless fusion of Māori artistry and contemporary graphic design, producing a remarkable and distinctive graphic representation of the ITPP brand proposition.

Our design encapsulated the shared principles and values that resonate with indigenous communities globally, showcasing a Māori perspective. It garnered immense pride from our client and their indigenous partners, representing the cultural richness of the program.

In addition to delivering the impactful designs, we provided comprehensive usage guidelines and diverse application examples, enabling consistent expression of the program’s cultural essence across various mediums.

We are honored to have contributed to this significant project, leaving a lasting mark that celebrates the depth of indigenous cultures and promotes meaningful engagement within the global tourism community.